Taproot Kitchen is a culinary venture whose main ingredients are people and produce: adults with autism and intellectual disabilities and fresh food gleaned from local farms.

With these unique ingredients, our team creates artisan dishes that highlight
the flavors of the season. Bring Taproot Kitchen to your table. 

Ethically-Sourced Food

Ethically-Sourced Food

Empowering Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

Quality Catering For All Event Sizes

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We see value and worth in both engaging and employing people with ID
in the culinary arts and gleaning unharvested food.

“Taproot is a place where I’m learning skills. I really like to cook, and I’ve always wanted to be a waiter. I love learning to cook food from other countries, especially Indian food, but also pierogies and other Polish treats. I have so much fun cooking with my friends.”

– Jamie Berube

“I like Taproot Kitchen. We get to do cooking training classes. We went to Gemelli Bakery and learned how to bake. We went to Fasta Pasta and made gnocchi. I feel good about Taproot because I can make salads now. My favorite is tofu salad!”

– Sara Pelchar

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