This August, during a week of perfect summer weather at Centre Hall’s 145th Grange Fair, Taproot Kitchen participated in another successful fundraiser to help raise funds to complete their own kitchen at 318 S. Atherton Street. For the third year, The PA Dairyman’s Association milkshake booth was manned by Taprooters along with volunteers from Arc of Centre County and Skills of Central PA, all organizations that strive to help people with intellectual and developmental challenges. Many thanks to all the volunteers from the Centre Region who worked shifts and all the patrons who bought (and enjoyed) chocolate, vanilla and mixed flavor milkshakes at the 2019 Grange Fair! 

For the past 3 years, Taproot Kitchen has been the beneficiary of 20% of all milkshake sales at the Fair, with a goal of raising $10K. Organized and managed by Kerry Richards, the milkshake booth provided an opportunity for the volunteers to serve others – filling the milkshake machine, pouring milkshakes, taking payment and making change, and assisting with opening and closing duties. Welcoming smiles, handshakes, hugs, and lots of fun were all part of the week-long experience for the volunteers. 

A little history about the PA Dairyman’s Association – The group originated in 1871 as the Crawford County Dairy Association. The primary focus of the organization was to promote the dairy industry, provide scholarships, and youth and educational programming. In 1954, they partnered with the Valley Grange #1360 to bring hand-dipped milkshakes to the Pennsylvania Farm Show. Now, 65 years later, the only thing that has changed is the technology that has replaced hand-dipped!

Several years ago, nearing the end of his college career, trying to determine options for his future, Ryan Herr put the success of the Dairyman’s shakes “on wheels” to broaden the promotion of the dairy industry and provide an opportunity for nonprofits to raise funds to support their organizations. 

Taproot Kitchen is grateful for the opportunity to work along-side the PA Dairymen at their milkshake booth. In particular, we want to offer a big shout out to Kerry Richards for her unwavering love and support for the Taproot Kitchen Community. We love you Kerry!  

To read more about the history of the PA Dairyman’s famous milkshakes, click HERE.

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