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Cooking and Baking Centre County (CBCC) 2019

Cooking and Baking Centre County is the collaborative effort of three local Chefs, Anthony Sapia of Gemelli Bakery, Bob Ricketts of Fasta and Ravioli Co, and Charles Neidermyer II, Head Chef of Penn College Culinary Program with assistance of Kevin Kassab and Brian O'Donnell, State College Borough Health Officers, and SLAC Service Learning Advisory Council under the leadership of Dr. UB Bakker, RTD professor Penn State Ag Extension.

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April 2019 Mazza Community Garden

PSU Sustainability Institute Interns join forces with Taproot Kitchen to begin spring work on the Mazza Community Garden. If you were driving on the 400 block of South Atherton Street on Thursday, April 4 between 3:00pm and 6:00pm you may have noticed a team of gardeners hard at work. This was the first of [...]

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The Taproot Family is the Real Deal!

The Taproot Kitchen Community is often described as having a feeling of “family”. It is one thing that makes this organization a special kind of team. Within the Taproot Community, you will also find “real deal” families! One family that has been with Taproot since its inception is Kris and Patrick - a mother/son [...]

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Things My Brother Sam Can’t Talk About

On most Mondays and Fridays at the Good Shepherd Catholic Church, you will find Sam hard at work for Taproot Kitchen. He is not only a conscientious team player, but he has a sense of humor that never stops. Working together with other Taprooters, Sam is part of the “glue” that makes the TRK [...]

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Taproot Supporters of All Ages

Taproot Kitchen continues to be blessed with many generous community supporters. Our first monetary contribution to TK for 2019 was delivered to the Meetinghouse by two third grade students from Ferguson Township Elementary. Jeremy Li and Lennon Wong decided that this year for their 9th birthdays they would forego receiving gifts from their friends, [...]

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Catering Client Ilonia Ballerich – Sustainable Communities Collaborative – PSU

On Thursday, November 29, 2018, Taproot Kitchen catered an event for The Sustainable Communities Collaborative from Penn State. The Campus and Community sustainability Expo takes place at the end of each semester. The Collaborative hosts PSU student teams, community partners and the general public to view student projects at the State College Borough building. [...]

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Community Partner Bill Zimmer

Meet one of Taproot’s community partners, Bill Zimmer. Bill began working with Taproot Kitchen on a modest scale in 2017. It quickly became apparent that TK was capable of taking on fairly large quantities of locally grown produce for consumption or for preparing for storage. The partnership was cemented and the rest is history. [...]

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Volunteer Profile Pat Knabel

Pat Knabel, retired State College Area School District learning support teacher, has been a frequent volunteer with Taproot Kitchen (TRK) since the summer of 2017. A colleague told Pat about TRK a few years ago and that planted the seed for her to plan to get involved as a volunteer when she retired from [...]

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